LOA Update V1.5 Clientside & Serverside

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LOA Update V1.5 Clientside & Serverside

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:20 am

Update 14-9-2015 10:01.

- LOA_Update Only Availible within LOA Updater.exe (SERIAL REQUIRED).
- Kamod Clientside (Hilts) Improved by Kameleon.
- Lots of JKA Skins Converted to jk2 by Killahkeezy.
- LOA_Update Size decreased from 550MB to 233MB. (Removed Maps & Cleaned up).
- Maps can now be downloaded manually when connecting to our server, We did this so the LOA Updater wouldnt need to update that long each time. and you can deside wish map you want to download and wish not.
- Custom Sabers & soon Black Core support. (estimated patch: v2.0 - Black Core).
- Lightning, Drain, Push, Pull Effects updated.

Serverside: LOAMOD V1.02
- Welcome message Timer added. (wish makes the welcome message stay longer then 3 seconds).
- Hilts Support by Kame.
- Chat icon Support.



I hope you like the Update Smile

Kind regards,



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